Where we come from

Company History

1967 established as Konrad Lay, factory for passamentaries products for local knitting garments and lingerie
1973 introduction of the first narrow weaving machines producing elastics for underwear, Konrad Lay changes its company name into Regine Elastic
1975 screenprint of labels and transfers
1977 printing machines for continuous printed elastics
1980s leading european manufacturer for headbands (Björn Borg effect), first water purification device
mid 1980s first trials with glassbead material to produce reflective material
1990s concentration on waterbased inks
1993 new factory building in Albstadt, collapse of european productions, productions move to Asia, worlds first to produce reflective prints and reflective elastics
early 2000 first steps to global production
2004 founding of IQtrim in Germany and China
2005 production of IQtrim China commences, same time modernization of german production
2008 change of name Regine Elastic to only Regine GmbH due to other emphasis in program, new machines at IQtrim China
2013 extension of Albstadt factory and offices
2014 Regine GmbH integrates IQtrim Ltd. Germany to form Regine IQtrim GmbH
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2017 bluesign® products